In the past week, Amazon and its parent company eBay have faced scrutiny from federal prosecutors and antitrust regulators after they were accused of colluding to rig bidding for millions of hearing aids for millions more consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission is currently examining whether the two companies violated antitrust law by allowing bidding to drive up the price of hearing aid technology.

Amazon has said that the hearing aid bidding system was not rigged.

But eBay and Amazon have been accused of not following the bidding rules and making sure that the devices they sell comply with the federal rules.

Amazon and other companies have been charged with antitrust violations in a wide range of other markets, including consumer goods, medical devices, consumer electronics, and technology.

Amazon and eBay have said that they did not collude to rig the bidding for the sale of hearing aide devices.

But the FTC is investigating whether Amazon and others violated antitrust laws by allowing the bidding process to be rigged.

“The FTC is committed to enforcing the antitrust laws, and we are aggressively prosecuting any and all violations of those laws, including antitrust violations involving the conduct of online auction sites,” a company statement said.

The FTC declined to comment on specific antitrust allegations.

The agency is also looking into whether the companies violated the antitrust rules by not offering consumers discounts or other incentives for buying hearing aid.

Amazon’s and eBay’s products are used in over 5 million households across the country.

The hearing aids are also used in a growing number of homes, including for infants and people with hearing loss, according to a recent survey by the American Association of Audiology.

A study by the hearing aids industry found that more than half of all hearing aids purchased by Americans aged 2 to 64 have a “problem” or “difficulty” hearing that could make them less likely to be able to understand and understand speech, the study said.

Amazon has said the bidding system for the hearing aide market is not rigged, but has denied that the companies are colluding with other bidders.

“Amazon does not compete with or accept any bids from bidder websites,” a statement from Amazon said.

“We have no knowledge that any other biders are using any other bidding software, including the software used by eBay.”

The FTC investigation is focused on whether Amazon has broken antitrust law.

It has asked the companies to provide information about the bidding practices for their products.

The agencies investigation into Amazon and the bidding software is expected to last for about a year, the FTC said.