— When I heard about the hearing aids hearing aids that were going to be available to the soldiers of the United States Army in Afghanistan, I said, “Well, why can’t they just buy a hearing aids?”

“Because, you know, the military has an obligation to provide them with all the tools that they need.”

But I knew that I had to tell the story that it really wasn’t the way it was going to happen.

So, we did.

That’s the way we told the story of hearing aids in Afghanistan.

The military has had to develop all sorts of new technologies in order to provide these hearing aids to troops.

But the hearing aid story was a turning point for the way the military was providing its troops with hearing aids.

One of the first hearing aids made was the first for women, a device called the “Cresta.”

The military was still developing the hearing gear for the women, and it was only after they were made, that they could be used in combat situations.

As it turned out, the Army was testing a new hearing aid called the Cresta, which is now used by soldiers of all genders.

We were using it to help people who were injured in combat, and we were also testing hearing aids for those who had other injuries.

We also were testing hearing aid to help soldiers recover from hearing loss in their ears, as they recover from surgery.

We knew that if the Army were to develop these new hearing aids and hear aids that are available to all genders, the technology would be available everywhere.

But how do we help people like the women who were hurt in combat?

That’s where the Crestas technology came into play.

It’s not an instrument to make hearing aids; it’s to help them recover from injuries.

The Cresta is a specially designed hearing aid that allows people to hear sounds and respond to the needs of others, even when they’re not hearing.

For example, it can provide assistance to people who are deaf and hard of hearing, and when the soldiers are hearing loss, they can communicate with other soldiers who can help them.

It is also used in a variety of situations, such as to help deaf and blind people use hand signals and make gestures.

The device also works to improve the hearing of the soldiers.

For soldiers with hearing loss who don’t have hearing aids like me, the Crestaa has also helped me get along with my husband, who also suffers from hearing issues.

So it’s really helped us both.

But it’s also helped the men.

They are not able to speak in this country and their voices are not heard in their homes, so it’s a very important piece of equipment.

But what makes it even more important is that the soldiers who are hearing impaired, because they are soldiers, also have hearing problems, too.

It allows them to be able to listen to the world around them.

For the men who are soldiers who have hearing issues, the ability to listen is a critical part of being able to do their job.

It enables them to listen, and to be heard, even while they are in a room with their colleagues.

The Army’s Cresta technology also helps soldiers who live in certain areas of the world to communicate with their loved ones there.

It also helps troops who live far away from their base to know who is nearby and to give them help, even in the midst of a war.

We’ve had to test and improve the Crestabs in our homes, too, in order for us to be comfortable communicating with our loved ones in other parts of the country, even though we can’t communicate directly with them.

And now, with the development of the Crestab devices, the hearing equipment that is used in Afghanistan is ready to be put to the test in a more global way.

I was one of the last Americans who made the Crestapad in Iraq.

This is my second time making the Crestavapad.

The soldiers in the field are making their own Crestabs.

The hearing aids we tested in Iraq were made by the people in Iraq, and they were making them in their home.

Now, the men and women in Afghanistan are making them by their own people.

And that is the way to go.

This technology can help soldiers who suffer from hearing and speech loss, as well as the people who serve in the military, because it allows them the ability not only to communicate, but also to listen.

And, it’s going to make the soldiers and the people around them safer, too — not only by allowing them to hear, but by giving them the tools to deal with the situations that come up.

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