The biggest question for the next generation of earphones, as we move from the Bluetooth 5 era to the Bluetooth 4 era, is whether to go for the newest earphones or go for a smaller, quieter model.

That’s because both the new earphones and smaller, cheaper models are going to offer better sound quality for the same price, with some new features.

In this guide, we’ll break down the top choices for the average consumer, including the best earphones to buy now, the best Bluetooth headphones to buy, and the best headphones for your budget.

Pros: The best Bluetooth earphones with a lot of optionsCons: Not as good as a bigger, quieter earphonePros: Good sound, better featuresCons: No headphone, no USB port, no NFC, no microSD, no Bluetooth, and no USB-C/MHL compatibilityCons: Low volume and battery lifeThe best Bluetooth speakers in 2018 are all good quality.

They’re not expensive, but they do offer great sound and are reasonably priced.

You’ll need to look around to find a pair that matches your budget, but if you’re willing to spend the extra money on a Bluetooth speaker, these are the ones you should look at.

The best headphones on the market today aren’t all that far behind.

The top three earphones in 2018 were all fairly inexpensive, but each had a unique feature and different sound quality.

If you’re looking for something in between, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a lot to offer, while the LG G6 is still the best option on the current list of top-tier earphones.

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