Google News article Google is now giving its digital hearing aids a price cut.

According to the search giant’s news site, the hearing aid will cost $300.

The device, known as the ‘Hearing Impaired Device,’ is an analog device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the earphones.

The hearing aid is intended for those who have a hearing impairment and can’t hear or hear well in their own right.

It’s made from the same material as the hearing aids used by audiologists, and it’s meant to be used by people who don’t want to pay extra for hearing aids.

The price of the hearing device has not been announced.

Google says the device was designed for people who cannot afford hearing aids, but it does say it will be available for those with hearing impairments as well.

“We wanted to make sure the price was fair for everyone, and the price that we’re announcing today is exactly what we need to make it affordable for anyone with hearing loss,” the company said in a statement.

Google is also adding the device to its Google Play Store.

The company will also be launching a ‘Google Play Now’ service that will allow users to purchase additional hearing aids and other devices that will come in the future.

“The hearing loss and other needs of hearing impaired people are too common for most companies to ignore, and we’re delighted to be offering a variety of new products that can help people find the hearing loss treatment they need,” said Google Vice President of Product Management, John McNeill.

Google has launched a new website,, that will give users a better understanding of hearing aids by showing the cost of the device.

The website also has a page for hearing loss support groups, and a section called

The site will be updated with more information in the coming weeks.

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