The baby’s voice may be telling the hearing aid to start singing, but what is the baby’s inner voice telling it?

The answer is a little tricky to nail down, but according to a new study, that voice is the hearing-aid’s own.

In this study, scientists gave a baby a pair of hearing aids and then recorded their responses.

It sounds as though the baby is singing, as it is clearly able to tell that it is being heard.

The researchers, who also found a difference in the babies’ ability to recognise the sound of the hearing aids as well as to identify the sounds of other people, said this is a first for hearing aids.

The study was published in the journal Current Biology.

What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids are the most common type of hearing aid.

They are made of a special material called a hearing-imaging electrode that connects the wearer’s ear to a device, called a “tachometer,” which measures the movement of sound waves.

The electrodes in hearing aids have two electrodes on one side, one on each side of the wearer, which makes it easier to measure how well the device is working.

When you use a hearing aid, it sends a signal to the hearing organ through the hearing electrode, and that signal tells the device how far the sound is from the ear.

The hearing aids can help deaf people hear.

They can help people who can’t hear or can’t speak well to understand the speech of others.

They also help people with hearing loss who are having trouble with reading, hearing and other speech.

The technology is now widely used in the US and Europe, and it is increasingly being used to help people understand the language of the internet.

The technology is used in a range of different hearing devices and devices that can talk to other devices.

For example, people with high-functioning visual impairments may have trouble with hearing, so they can communicate with others using speech.

But the hearing technology is not perfect.

There are problems with the way the devices work and the way that the electrodes communicate with each other.

Hearing aids can also become damaged if they fall off a person, and hearing aids are expensive.

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