We know that Apple and Samsung both bought patents from patent troll Intellectual Ventures, but we don’t know how many.

That’s the problem for patent trolls, because they’re often hiding behind patent filings and the patent system.

It’s important to remember that patent trolls are notorious for using fraudulent filings to obtain a wide variety of patents.

When a troll is trying to get a wide range of patents, they’ll often use fraudulent filings.

We’re talking about a patent troll that can get a patent covering a wide array of things, but when you use one of those fraudulent filings, it can turn out to be worthless.

That means that you’ll never get a fair hearing on your patent application and that your company will never get to benefit from that particular invention.

To help you figure out how many patents you should be worried about, we’ve created a handy tool to help you assess how many fraudulent filings you need.

The tool lets you figure the number of fraudulent filings in your patent portfolio, as well as the number that you should consider a concern.

This tool is intended for people who want to see whether their patent portfolio is worth buying or not.

For now, though, it’s best used in conjunction with our free patent filing tool.