Updated October 08, 2018 09:17:15 A replacement hearing aid can be costly, with prices for replacement hearing-aids rising between 10 to 30 per cent each year.

The new Hearing Aid Replacement Act will bring these costs under control, with the Government announcing it is introducing a 30 per-cent rebate for hearing- aids to be paid for by the consumer.

The bill, which will also provide a 30-per-cent refund for those who are not able to afford replacement hearing gear, is part of a broader package of measures that the Government is working on to reduce the number of hearing-care issues.

Key points:A new law will allow people to claim a 30% refund on hearing aidsReplacement hearing aids will cost between $130 to $150Each hearing aid will be available at the same price as beforeThe bill is the Government’s third major overhaul of the system since the mid-2020sThe legislation, which comes into effect on September 30, will allow individuals to claim up to a 30,000 Australian dollars ($115,000) refund on replacement hearing equipment and up to 10 per cent of the price of a replacement hearing amp.

“This is a real step forward to get the hearing aids that Australians rely on into the hands of more Australians,” Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said.

“It will help to ensure that more Australians are getting the high quality, affordable hearing aids they need to listen to the most important messages.”

Read more about hearing aids and hearing aids replacement:The hearing aid rebate will be payable to any consumer who purchases a replacement product, regardless of the cost of the product.

“A person who buys a hearing aid that is not used will not have to pay any rebate on the cost, but will have to contribute towards the cost,” Ms Hennessys said.

Read moreAbout 60 per cent in Australia rely on hearing aid products for their hearingThe bill will provide a rebate of up to $30 to any person who purchases replacement hearing goods.

The cost of replacement hearing devices will also be reimbursed.

“As part of this, we’re looking at ways to simplify the process of replacing a hearing aids product and we’re also looking at making it easier for consumers to claim refunds,” Ms Hendries said.

She said the new legislation would help “to reduce the cost for consumers and to ensure Australians have a greater chance of obtaining a replacement.”

Read the full story about hearing aid and hearing aid replacements at the ABC.


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