Trump has proposed a plan to allow the elderly to get advance hearing aid coverage.

According to a draft of the plan, which has not been finalized, the elderly would be able to get their hearing aids through a new online service, rather than by mail or appointment.

The advance hearing assistance program would include coverage for those older than 65.

The plan also includes provisions to help older people maintain their hearing, including increased subsidies and a new hearing aid prescription limit.

The draft also calls for a $3.50 tax on all health care products sold in the United States, and a $5.00 tax on certain health care services and items sold online.

But there are major obstacles to getting the coverage.

It is not clear how the bill would be funded, how it would affect the cost of premiums, and how it could be reconciled with a plan by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to block a vote on Trump’s proposal.

The bill would also need to pass both the House and Senate.

Trump said in a statement that the legislation was “historic,” and that “the American people deserve the best coverage for their money.”

The plan is a major development in the ongoing fight over hearing aids.

Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly clashed over how best to address the shortage of hearing aids for older Americans.

In December, the Trump administration said it would begin testing hearing aid prototypes for seniors and others who have a lower-income background.

That could lead to an expansion of the program, as the current limit is $2,500.

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