A group of kids are donating hearing aids to help fund a charity.

The kids have chosen to donate hearing aids because they are deaf.

“It’s about saving lives,” says Jordan Hahn, who volunteers at the Audible Learning Center in New York City.

“It’s not about saving money.”

The charity, which is helping to fund the deafness education and advocacy efforts of the Audibly Hearing Aid Network, aims to raise enough money to provide 20 hearing aids.

Audible Learning Centers in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia are also accepting donations of hearing aids and hearing aids hearing aids for the deaf community.

This is the third year Audible has been offering hearing aid scholarships for deaf kids.

In 2016, the Audibles scholarship fund helped 20 students from all over the world win a $50,000 scholarship to attend a private school in New Zealand.

These deaf kids are not alone in wanting to help.

In 2017, more than 4,000 people from across the world gave their hearing aid and hearing aid hearing aid to the Audibility Scholarship Fund.

It is not clear how many of these deaf children are deaf, but it is clear that this is an incredible success story.

If you are deaf or have a hearing impairment, or you have a disability, please consider giving to the AUDIBLE HEARING AID NETWORK.

Your help will help make the world a better place.

Please consider donating to the fund to support the deaf and hearing-impaired community.