The cost for hearing aids in the US is going up.

The cost is going to continue rising, as the cost of prescription hearing aids continues to climb.

The hearing aids are becoming more expensive, the hearing aids themselves are becoming less useful, and in some cases they’re just becoming obsolete.

In a recent analysis, a new report by the hearing aid manufacturer Hearing Aid USA found that by 2026, the cost per hearing aid was projected to climb to $10,500 per hearing.

Hearing aids for adults are expected to cost $12,000 per year, up from $9,500 in 2026.

“Costs are projected to continue to increase and are expected in 2027 and beyond,” the report stated.

“The number of hearing aid customers is projected to increase to approximately 14% of the total hearing aid population by 2027, from approximately 7% in 2021.

This is an unprecedented increase, with the most recent report indicating that the hearing-aid market is projected at over $1.5 trillion by 2040.”

A cost-per-hearing-aid survey from the hearingaid industry revealed that the average hearing aid cost was $1,800 in 2020, with a range of between $1 and $3,000.

As a result, many hearing-acces are more expensive than they were in the past.

A hearing aid with a price tag of $4,500 was the most expensive item in the market, according to the Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association.

The average cost of a hearing aid in the United States in 2020 was $5,000, according the Hearing Act.

The price for a hearing-adapter that cost $1 per hearing is expected to increase in 2029 to $6,400.

While the cost is increasing, the number of consumers choosing hearing aids is expected remain relatively stable.

A new report from the Hearing Institute indicates that the number who will buy hearing aids will increase by 8 million by 2035, with half of that increase being due to an increase in the use of hearing devices for people with hearing loss.

In the past year, the average cost per earbud has increased by 8.6%, according to The Hearing Institute.