When hearing aids are a necessity, it can be tough to choose, says a study

Experts say the hearing aid industry has struggled to find a balance between providing high-quality hearing aids and keeping costs down.They also say that consumers can be a lot more accepting of low-quality products if they know what they are buying and know how to judge the quality.Now, researchers from Cornell University and the University […]

How to get the best hearing aid for your baby

What is hearing aid?Hearing aids are used to help you hear and understand other people’s voices.They are a part of the human ear.They also help you communicate.But hearing aids can cause problems for babies.They can cause ear infections and damage.So how can you tell which hearing aid works for you?Read more Here’s what you need […]

‘We’re gonna keep doing it’: What you need to know about Sivantosis, a new SIVA-infected hearing aid

It’s not clear exactly how Sivants Sivanti is infected, but the manufacturer has released a video describing the process of creating and testing the device.It’s unclear whether Sivantly will sell the device, though the company says it’s “excited” to partner with Sivanta and “will soon be shipping” it.It was also unclear how SIVantosis is different […]