Why are hearing aids not available?

Posted August 04, 2018 08:09:37 The Australian Hearing Association (AHA) has released new guidelines that say it is “critical” that hearing aids be available to all Australians.The AHA said the guidelines were published after months of discussion with the Australian government, and after many requests from the public.“We have listened carefully to feedback and understand […]

The Cost of the Old Hearing Aid

It’s not exactly new technology but the cost of the old ones is just skyrocketing.Here’s what you need to know about hearing aids and how they can make a big difference.The Hearing Aid Company:What it is and how it worksThe Hearing Association: What it is, and how you can get one.The Health Care Industry: What […]

Which hearing aid is the best?

A new study finds that hearing aids can be used to reduce or prevent the hearing loss that can cause hearing loss.The researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that binaurals are able to reduce noise levels in people with hearing loss by up to 40 per cent, compared with standard hearing aids.However, the binaura […]