Which are the hearing aids you should buy?

Hearing aid stocks are getting pricier and there are a few that have been on the rise recently.Here are the top picks for hearing aid stocks for 2017.1.Hearing Aid XplosiveXplosivesound, a British company that manufactures hearing aid, recently saw a 20 per cent jump in revenue and its shares rose nearly 40 per cent in […]

When Apple finally launches the iMacs, we can expect the same great iMac-ness we’ve come to love over the years

When Apple first announced its latest model, the Retina iMac, many were skeptical about the hardware.A new, smaller machine, a $1,200 pricetag, and a lack of a dedicated gaming system seemed a bit too much for some.But now, with its introduction in September, Apple is finally introducing its new Mac with a lot of bells […]

Which hearing aid brands are available in Australia?

In 2017, the Federal Government announced that all hearing aid stocks in Australia would be phased out by 2020, meaning the supply chain would be completely replaced by one that uses robots.However, hearing aid suppliers have been struggling to keep up with the new regulations, as the industry is under pressure to maintain its supply […]