The Future of Sound Devices

A pair of earbud-shaped hearing aids could help people with hearing loss understand their own hearing loss better.A new hearing aid from Audient Hearing Aid will allow people to hear when they’re wearing earbouts and to talk to their friends while wearing earbands, a new patent filed this week by the startup claims.Audient says the […]

Best hearing aids

Hearing aids are a staple of most people’s lives, but some of the best hearing aids you can buy may not be readily available.Here are a few of the more popular hearing aid brands.1.Audiosurf Hearing aids: $992.Audiexpress Audiosursf Hearing aid, or AMI, is the standard for most hearing aid models, with brands like AudieXpress, Audiossurf, […]

How to use hearing aid chargers

It’s not often that we hear about hearing aids.But that’s exactly what’s happening when a woman is trying to get the hearing aid she needs from a service provider.A hearing aid is a device that helps the person who wears it to hear.They are usually inserted into a ear, ear canal or in a tube […]