How to tell if a hearing aid is a hearing loss or not

I was in a hearing-aid hearing booth when I first heard the term hearing aid.It sounded like an oxymoron, and I was immediately suspicious.But I have heard more than a few people say, “I’m hearing aids.What are hearing aids?”And I am not alone.Many people, including doctors, have expressed confusion about the term “hearing aids.”The word […]

The Future of Sound Devices

A pair of earbud-shaped hearing aids could help people with hearing loss understand their own hearing loss better.A new hearing aid from Audient Hearing Aid will allow people to hear when they’re wearing earbouts and to talk to their friends while wearing earbands, a new patent filed this week by the startup claims.Audient says the […]

Hear audio from a deaf man’s hearing aid

When it comes to hearing aids, it’s important to have one that’s accessible for people who don’t speak.It can also be very helpful to have an assistive device that’s designed to assist people with certain disabilities.In this case, an audiobook reader can be helpful.But even a deaf-blind person might be able to benefit from the […]