Oticon hearing aid’s CEO has spoken out against allegations that the company is a “scam” and is “not a scum” of any sort.

Speaking to Fairfax Media on Wednesday, Dr Robert Jankovic, CEO of Oticon, said that the claims are “completely false” and Oticon “isn’t a scam”.

“We’re a medical device company,” he said.

“We offer products for the hearing-impaired, and we are a leader in the medical device industry.”

When you see that our competitors are selling these things on the internet for around $10,000 a pop, you can see why people are concerned.

“But the truth is that we have been around for over 30 years and we’re a leading medical device manufacturer in Australia and the world.”

Dr Jankovics full statement Oticon was founded in 1994 by Dr Peter Gillett and Dr Robert Jensen, both of whom were both hearing aid professionals.

“Over the past 25 years we have grown from being a small company into an international leader in medical devices,” he added.

Dr Gilletts vision Oticon aims to develop a device for the visually impaired, that can be easily operated and worn with confidence.”

The Oticon platform will enable the development of more effective and more accessible hearing aids.”

Dr Gilletts vision Oticon aims to develop a device for the visually impaired, that can be easily operated and worn with confidence.

Dr Jensen’s vision is a vision for a device that will help people with impaired vision.

“People with a visual impairment should be able to use a device with ease, without worrying about their vision,” he told the ABC.

“With a vision-immedimentation system, they won’t have to think about it too much, just turn it on and go to sleep.”

A device that’s easy to use and easy to wear.

“Mr Jankovič also said Oticon would make its own products, based on its vision.”[Our vision is] that we should be a leader for hearing aids and hearing aids devices in the industry, not just a leader of the technology industry,” he explained.”

That means we will be making our own devices and products to support our vision and our vision will be the best device for people with hearing loss.

“Dr Jensen said Oticons vision was to help people who had “good hearing” who could not get the hearing aids they needed.”

Our vision for the future is to help the hearing impaired, but also to help those who are blind,” he commented.”

I believe that there’s a real opportunity in hearing aids to enable people to use technology and communication in the best way possible, and to be able, when they need it, to use it in the most effective way.

“Oticon is expected to release its first hearing aid in the coming weeks, after a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo raised $2.5 million in two weeks.”

Oticon is a pioneer in the hearing aid industry.””

It’s great to see a company with the vision to be the leader in this industry.

Oticon is a pioneer in the hearing aid industry.”

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