A hearing aid inventor in India has launched a mini hearing aid to help people struggling with hearing loss.

The hearing aid, called the Mini HearingAid, has a battery and a microphone that can record audio for two hours for a total of 24 hours of sound recording, according to The Times Of India.

The Mini HearingAide is made of the same material as hearing aids made for older adults.

It costs about $70 and can be used for about four months, the Times of Indians reports.

The company is hoping that the Mini-hearingAid will help people with hearing issues.

A hearing aide is a hearing aid that uses a small microphone to record sound from the outside of the ear.

This type of hearing aid is used in many older adults and people with dementia.

It also offers some features of a hearing aids, such as using an external microphone to capture audio.

The Mini Hearing Aide was launched on Thursday by the company called Ahearne.

The company is a unit of Ahearn Technologies Pvt Ltd, a company that also manufactures hearing aids.

The firm has also developed hearing aids that are earphones, ear plugs and earmuffs.

Ahearn is based in Delhi, and is a company which specializes in the development of high-quality hearing aids for people with the hearing loss, The Times says.

The hearing aid has been designed to improve the sound quality of people with moderate hearing loss who have been listening to music, listening to audiobooks and using headphones, the company said.

Aheartes are not meant to replace normal hearing aids but to enhance the quality of the human hearing.