The two are interchangeable, but the difference lies in what you need.

You might be able to tell which one is for you by simply looking at the prescription.

“There’s a difference between a hearing aid and a meds and the prescription is for both,” said Dr. Amy Hausmann, a specialist in hearing loss at the University of Michigan Medical School.

For many hearing loss sufferers, the difference is subtle, but can be very important.

“For people with hearing loss, hearing aids may help a lot in the day to day,” she said.

Hausmann said it’s possible to use one for a while and not need another.

If you have hearing loss or have difficulty hearing, Hausman said, you might consider getting a hearing aids hearing aid.

You can order one from a local pharmacy and pay for it, or you can find it online.

You might also consider hearing aids to help with your balance.

Hauseman said hearing aids can be used to help balance people with low back pain, while hearing aids for other conditions might be helpful to balance out the ache in your neck.

Some hearing loss specialists say hearing aids aren’t the answer to all hearing loss problems.

Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger, an associate professor of medicine at Yale University School of Medicine, said hearing aid users often don’t understand what they are doing.

“A lot of hearing loss patients are just confused because they think they are using hearing aids, but they are actually not,” he said.

“They are not hearing aid patients.”

Schlesinger said hearing loss is a complex disorder and many people can’t really understand the difference.

He also said hearing pain can be an indication of hearing damage.

Many hearing aids are made with materials such as polycarbonate, polycarbonamide, polyethylene, or carbon fiber, which is a material that can bend or break under certain conditions, including when heated.

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