You’re a fan of hearing aids and maybe even a bit obsessed with how they work.

If you have a few dollars lying around, you could make your own hearing aid at home.

But, you might not be sure how to do it.

Here are the steps you need to know if you want to try your hand at making your own device.1.

Get your DIY tools: There are a few DIY devices that are made for home use.

They can be as simple as a few staples, a few zip ties, a couple of small screws, and some glue.

For a more advanced DIY device, you can also look to your local DIY center or hardware store.

You can also find them online.2.

Get a small drill: If you want something a little more complex, a small drilling machine is a good option.

It’s just a small bit of drill bit that you can attach to the outside of the device.

It can also be a little bit smaller than the other tools you’ll need.3.

Cut the plastic tubing: There’s also a good chance you’ll want to cut out some plastic tubing that will help hold the hearing aid in place.

If your device has a built-in microphone, you’ll probably want to leave a bit of plastic on top of it for that.4.

Get some glue: If your hearing aid is not an integrated device, there are a couple ways you can get a good glue.

One of the easiest is to use a small glue gun, which will stick to the device and stick to anything you can push against it.

Another way is to grab some cheap tape and wrap it around the inside of the tube.

This will keep it in place as well.5.

Drill holes in the tubing: If there’s some tape that’s sticking out of the tubing, you’re going to want to drill some holes in it.

Make sure that the holes are big enough to let the glue flow through.

This could mean drilling some holes to hold it in the correct position, or it could mean just using a sharpie marker to mark the holes you want the tubing to be.6.

Use a drill bit: If the tubing is still sticking out, you may want to use the same type of drill you just used to make the holes in your previous DIY device.

You could also use a smaller drill to make a few small cuts on the tubing and then use a bigger drill to drill the holes through the tubing.7.

Make the holes for the microphone: You might want to attach the microphone to the back of the piece you just drilled.

You might also want to glue a small strip of tape to the inside so the microphone doesn’t fall off.

You’ll also want some tape to hold the microphone in place while you’re using the device to make your next DIY device (see above).8.

Connect the power cable: You could connect the power cord to the power outlet on the device, or you could connect it to the outlet on your wall.

You should also make sure that there’s a plug to go into your power outlet, as that will let the microphone get power from your device.9.

Clean up the tube: It’s a good idea to get a sponge or cloth handy for cleaning up the inside and outside of your device after it’s been used.

This can also help keep the glue and tubing from sticking together.10.

Make a hole in the back for the earpiece: You can attach the ear piece to the bottom of the earplug and then connect the other end to a plug.

You may want one end to connect to your phone or computer, or the other to your device so that it can connect to the internet.

The earpiece should be about an inch or so long, so you’ll likely need to use scissors to cut it in half.

If the earclip doesn’t fit in the hole you drilled, you should drill a new hole for it.

If it’s too short, you won’t be able to get the ear clip in there.

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