More than 2 million people live in shelters across the U, with more than 7 million in the United States alone.

In addition to the financial impact of these people, homelessness is a major health and safety issue.

Many homeless people are at increased risk for infections, and some have no access to safe housing due to a lack of affordable rental or subsidized housing.

And many people are experiencing a lack or lack of support.

A new report by the National Coalition for the Homeless, a nonprofit that provides financial and other support to homeless people, offers a few suggestions for helping these vulnerable populations.

They are: Helping homeless people who are experiencing mental health issues, anxiety, and depression.

The National Coalition’s Homeless Advocacy Center provides a 24-hour hotline for people in crisis and offers support and referral to mental health services.

It also offers counseling, health screenings, and crisis intervention services.

For example, it offers counseling to people who have experienced a trauma, mental health crisis, or substance abuse, as well as people who need to access mental health support, such as those experiencing homelessness.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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