An expert says mold may have been the culprit in a mould infestation in the mold hearing aid mould hearing aid.

The hearing aid maker was using a mold-resistant coating, which is why it could not have gotten the mould spores that started the problem, said John Crouch, professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

This is a very high-tech hearing aid that was probably made in China or Taiwan or somewhere in Southeast Asia, and that’s not the case for the hearing aid in Canada.

He said it is a big problem for Canada. 

Crouch said there is a large number of hearing aid brands on the market and most are made by a single manufacturer.

“We have these different brands that are made from various materials that can all be used together to make a product,” he said.

Mold spores could have been introduced by the person who handled the mould in the hearing aids, said Dr. Chris Jernigan, a senior lecturer at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“The chances of that happening by chance is not low.

It’s not a great probability,” Jernigan said.

Crouch, a microbiologist and a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, said a high-temperature melting process could have caused the mold spores to be exposed to the heating elements.

In that case, the heat could have resulted in the moisture condensing into a cloud that was then allowed to evaporate, creating a steam bubble that could then create the spores, Crouch said.

The company is trying to get the mold removed from the product, which has a lifespan of 30 years.

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