More than 200 million Americans have a hearing aid, but the ones that are made for the average person are expensive, and some aren’t even made for you.

The average hearing aid costs $100 to $130 and can be worn for a few months, according to the National Hearing Loss Association.

The hearing aids for children can be expensive too.

Kids with hearing loss are often treated with a hearing loss treatment called a “bundle,” which typically costs about $500 to $600, depending on the severity of their hearing loss.

If you want to buy a hearing aids that are affordable and make your life easier, there are a few choices available.

You can choose a device that is made for your hearing.

It’s often made of materials such as aluminum, ceramic, and stainless steel that will absorb noise and keep your hearing healthy.

If your hearing is good, your hearing loss should not be too severe.

You should also be able to wear a hearing protection for a little while.

Some people who are older can also benefit from hearing aids and can still hear well without a hearing booster.

Some hearing aids are made to fit a person’s ears, so they won’t hurt them as much.

Others, like the ones for kids, have straps on the top that can be used to attach earplugs.

To find the right hearing aids at affordable prices, be sure to speak to a hearing health professional.