It has become an increasingly common sight to see hearing aids popping up at movie theatres and restaurants across the country, along with a whole slew of other products that are making it easier for the hearing impaired to hear things they might otherwise be unable to see.

But the technology has also been used in a number of other ways.

“I’m going to be on the subway,” said one person, pointing to the machine that sits on the platform.

Others use it to help them speak.

One recent study by the University of Utah found that hearing aids made hearing impaired people more confident, more aware and less likely to be overwhelmed by noise, as well as providing more focus.

The technology is also used by doctors and lawyers to help people understand the language and emotions of their patients.

Even the company that makes the hearing aid has been making a lot of noise about its potential impact.

In 2015, the hearing aids maker ZVox said that the technology could help the deaf, and that it was one of the reasons it was investing in the technology.

It also said that hearing aid users had been using the technology for years.

Now, ZVotox says that the hearing assistance technology is a “major part” of the company’s vision for the future of hearing aids.

Its CEO, Ben O. Miller, said in a statement that the company would be investing in new hearing aid technologies and in helping the deaf by creating a better environment for hearing aids to work.