HARRISON, N.J. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that it will not be taking any money for the first time in more than a decade.

FDA Administrator Scott Gottlieb made the announcement in an interview with CNN.

He made the comment during a question-and-answer session with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The agency had initially decided to take the unprecedented step of publicly announcing that it was considering withdrawing funding for its health care devices and other products.

In recent months, the FDA had also stopped making grants to research institutes and other health care providers.

The decision was taken in response to an October letter from a bipartisan group of senators urging the agency to stop its withdrawal from the industry, citing research showing hearing aids are not helpful for people with hearing loss and that they are ineffective for those with other hearing impairments.

The FDA declined to respond to the senators’ letter.

The group of lawmakers, who included Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, wrote in their letter that they “believe that a cessation of funding would be detrimental to the FDA’s mission of ensuring the health and safety of Americans and the ability of Americans to receive and use effective, safe and effective hearing aids.”

Gottlieb said the agency had already begun a review to determine how it could fund the devices, but it would take more time.

The FDA, he said, will be conducting an in-depth evaluation of the safety and efficacy of the products.

The announcement comes on the heels of a decision by the Trump administration to withdraw $400 million in funding for the hearing aids industry.

It also comes as the company announced a deal to sell its device line, which had been in development for more than five years, to an independent company.

That deal has yet to be finalized.

The Trump administration has also asked the FDA to reconsider its decision to halt all funding for devices.

The announcement was first reported by the Associated Press.

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