A first-of-its-kind clip of a hearing aid airpod, courtesy of the ACLU, that can play recordings of the original sound recording of the hearing aids.

The clips were made for the ACLU’s Freedom Hearing Hearing Aid and are available for purchase on their site.

A first hearing aid clip will also work with the first hearing aids earbuds.

You can hear the full clip below, as well as a first-hand clip of an AirPod that was produced for the Freedom Hearing Aid, below.

If you want to listen to the clips, be sure to follow @ACLU on Twitter and Instagram, and @LAFebly on Snapchat, for more coverage of this story.

The ACLU’s announcement is part of a larger effort to highlight how a hearing device, even a basic one, can be used to disrupt political speech.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is also releasing a video, in which it describes how hearing aids can be manipulated by criminals and the government.

The video also highlights a series of examples of how people have been able to disrupt public events, including protests at the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, where they interrupted speakers.

The full list of items that can be bought as accessories is as follows: The first hearing device will come with a small set of hearing aids to listen, but will not play recordings.

The second hearing aid will work with a set of earbud headphones.

The third hearing aid has an integrated microphone that can record audio and video.

The fourth hearing aid works with the new AirPods.

Lastly, the fifth hearing aid is a “hearing device airpod” that has an audio recording device that can capture audio and send it to an app that the user can use to record their own speech.

If this clip is useful to you, be it as a tool for a friend, to make a tool that will help others who may need one, or simply as a reminder to remind themselves of why the right to free speech is so important, then please support the ACLU by making a donation to their campaign.

The first airpoda, a hearing-aid version of the AirPod, is available for $299.99.

The second airpod costs $299 and is available to order now.

The third airpod is $199 and is currently available for preorder on their website.

The Freedom Hearing-Aid AirPod can be purchased on the ACLU website for $399.99 and will be available on October 20.

You can order a second hearing-ampod airpod here for $349.99, or a third hearing-academy-grade AirPod for $249.99 if you’re on a limited budget.

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