Crypto-currency prices have surged in recent days as investors around the world have turned to cryptocurrency, and now the two are also trading against each other.

Bitcoin prices hit a record high of $11,000 on Tuesday, up more than $25k from Monday’s peak of $10,200, according to CoinMarketCap.

The crypto-currency is gaining momentum as investors buy into the new trend of virtual currencies.

The price of bitcoin soared over $25 in the past 24 hours, while Ethereum prices jumped more than 10 percent in the same period.

Bitcoin has been trading at a record $11.35 per coin, and Ethereum is up more that $5.75 in the last 24 hours.

With both cryptocurrencies gaining popularity, it is expected that both will soon surpass $100.

Ethereum is now trading at $99.24, up over $1,000, while Bitcoin is now at $9,732, up $500.

In an article published by CNBC, the head of the World Health Organization warned that people are trading their healthcare to the digital world, and the cryptocurrency markets are making it easy to do so.

The health agency’s head of public health and environment, Dr. William Schaffner, said, “People are selling their healthcare, they are exchanging their healthcare.

So the whole thing is being driven by this digital economy, which is a new paradigm.”

This digital economy is driving the price of healthcare, the price increases, and also the amount of money people are willing to pay to acquire healthcare, Schaffners said.

This digital health care marketplace is not only an opportunity for people, but it is also an opportunity to buy medical services, which are being provided by health providers, Schiffners said in the CNBC article.

The digital health market is creating a huge opportunity for the healthcare industry and also an incentive for the private sector, Schuffners said, adding that the public sector is also facing a new challenge.

“The digital economy presents the biggest opportunity in healthcare, as the whole healthcare sector is a result of the digital economy.

This new economy is making it much more challenging for the public healthcare sector, which has traditionally relied on government, to provide a complete system,” he said.

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