Custom hearing aids are a good way to save money, says hearing aid maker

It’s not just about making sure you can hear clearly.It’s also about saving money.A new video by custom hearing aid company HACHE is an excellent example of why that’s important.HACEOX is a British company that specialises in custom hearing aids, and their video is worth watching.The company shows off how they make their own custom […]

When the hearing aid is a part of the problem

The hearing aid part of a hearing aid has to work because hearing aids are supposed to be a part the body.It is a vital part of getting the body through difficult conditions and it is critical for getting people through the night to hear the sounds of the world around them.However, there are times […]

What you need to know about hearing aid testing

As part of the new Hearing Aid Testing Initiative, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will begin requiring testing for hearing aids, which is intended to increase public understanding of hearing aid use.The new testing, which will take place in states where the FDA has already required testing, will also require testing […]

How to test for hearing aids with an earmuff

As many as half of the hearing aids on the market today are made of materials that are made from recycled plastic or PVC.As a result, these products have a limited life span and can not be reused.To help combat this issue, researchers from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology (DEET) and the Department […]

How to use the hearing aid you need

Midwest hearing aid products are increasingly available on the market.While there is no shortage of hearing aid on the markets, many of these products are not as well-designed or marketed as the rest of the market, according to the Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association.Midwestern hearing aid is designed to give a greater degree of comfort, especially […]

‘It’s like the Titanic’: ‘Wipes for Zvox’ are the new way to wipe out COVID-19

Business Insider article Posted January 23, 2018 08:59:47ZVox wipes have made a comeback after being around for a long time.The company has been working on a hearing aid for the past two years that can wipe out all the infections on the person’s head, face and neck without having to remove any of the mucus […]

Hearing aid manufacturer Uhc says it won’t take any money from Trump administration

HARRISON, N.J. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that it will not be taking any money for the first time in more than a decade.FDA Administrator Scott Gottlieb made the announcement in an interview with CNN.He made the comment during a question-and-answer session with CNN’s Jake Tapper.The agency had initially decided to […]

When hearing aids are a necessity, it can be tough to choose, says a study

Experts say the hearing aid industry has struggled to find a balance between providing high-quality hearing aids and keeping costs down.They also say that consumers can be a lot more accepting of low-quality products if they know what they are buying and know how to judge the quality.Now, researchers from Cornell University and the University […]