Hearing aids are a staple of most people’s lives, but some of the best hearing aids you can buy may not be readily available.

Here are a few of the more popular hearing aid brands.1.

Audiosurf Hearing aids: $992.

Audiexpress Audiosursf Hearing aid, or AMI, is the standard for most hearing aid models, with brands like AudieXpress, Audiossurf, and Audiotech offering cheaper options.

AudioXpress and Audiosuresurf are also two brands that have a more affordable price tag, although you may have to go through a third party to buy the higher-end AMI versions.3.

Audial Headphones: $129 and $169, depending on your carrierIf you’re looking for headphones, you can get some pretty good ones for less than $100, but you may need to pay a little more for the most expensive models.

Audinal headphones, which are manufactured by Audial, are among the most popular models.

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of these headphones, make sure you go through the Audiosure brand or Audiotec.4.

Audiocast earphones: free, but they may require an adapterIf you don’t want to spend $99 on a pair, but still want to use them, Audioconast earphone adapters are often free and you can use them to pair with any other earphones.5.

Earbuds: $10 to $15, depending of modelYou can get inexpensive earbuds for $10 or less.

The best ones tend to have built-in speakers, which can be better than buying earbud plugs individually, but it may not always be practical to do so.

Some earbuddy sites offer a coupon code that will help you save money.6.

Hearing aid chargers: $20 to $50, depending upon modelSome of the better charging headphones on the market are more expensive than others, so make sure to check your local stores before buying one.7.

Headphones, earbars, earphone plugs: $12 to $20, depending if you have a plan or plan for your own lifeAs with most things, there’s no right or wrong answer, but if you’re buying earphones, headphones, or earbodys, make an effort to keep them affordable.

Make sure to take the time to learn how to use the right earbaker for the job at hand.

And if you want to try different earbuddies, make a list of them and shop around to find the one that’s right for you.

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