Why are hearing aids not available?

Posted August 04, 2018 08:09:37 The Australian Hearing Association (AHA) has released new guidelines that say it is “critical” that hearing aids be available to all Australians.The AHA said the guidelines were published after months of discussion with the Australian government, and after many requests from the public.“We have listened carefully to feedback and understand […]

When hearing aid is not the answer for a speech, here’s what you need to know about the hearing aid industry

When you’re in need of a hearing aid, there’s no shortage of options available.Whether you’re looking for a hearing loss kit, hearing aids that are affordable, or hearing aids specifically designed for the purpose, you’re going to need something to listen to your speech.So how do you choose the right hearing aid for your needs?Read […]

How to find a new hearing aid?

With the NHL season underway, it’s time to start making informed purchasing decisions.In the past, many of us have been using hearing aids to enhance our enjoyment of the sport.However, hearing aids can often be very expensive, and are also prone to noise and overheating.For example, the hearing aid for a player with a low-grade […]

Trump’s hearing aids plan to expand eligibility for advance hearing aids is not a ‘game changer’

Trump has proposed a plan to allow the elderly to get advance hearing aid coverage.According to a draft of the plan, which has not been finalized, the elderly would be able to get their hearing aids through a new online service, rather than by mail or appointment.The advance hearing assistance program would include coverage for […]

Custom hearing aids are a good way to save money, says hearing aid maker

It’s not just about making sure you can hear clearly.It’s also about saving money.A new video by custom hearing aid company HACHE is an excellent example of why that’s important.HACEOX is a British company that specialises in custom hearing aids, and their video is worth watching.The company shows off how they make their own custom […]

How to tell if a hearing aid is a hearing loss or not

I was in a hearing-aid hearing booth when I first heard the term hearing aid.It sounded like an oxymoron, and I was immediately suspicious.But I have heard more than a few people say, “I’m hearing aids.What are hearing aids?”And I am not alone.Many people, including doctors, have expressed confusion about the term “hearing aids.”The word […]