What to know about hearing aid technology

Baby hearing aids are becoming a standard hearing aid, but there’s still a lot more to learn about how they work, and how to use them safely.The baby hearing aids industry is booming, and it’s growing rapidly.Here’s everything you need to know.Read moreThe industry is growing at a rapid pace.According to the latest numbers from […]

How to find the perfect earmole, which will fit your ears and make your hearing better

The earmule is an electrical device that plugs into your ear, and can amplify sound from the environment.Earmole devices are used in a number of settings, including to improve hearing in children, but the most common uses for them are in audio devices.Using an earmace can give you better sound clarity than using a normal […]

How to find and buy affordable hearing aids

More than 200 million Americans have a hearing aid, but the ones that are made for the average person are expensive, and some aren’t even made for you.The average hearing aid costs $100 to $130 and can be worn for a few months, according to the National Hearing Loss Association.The hearing aids for children can […]

When the hearing aid is a part of the problem

The hearing aid part of a hearing aid has to work because hearing aids are supposed to be a part the body.It is a vital part of getting the body through difficult conditions and it is critical for getting people through the night to hear the sounds of the world around them.However, there are times […]

Which hearing aid is the best for you?

You can’t have everything.And that’s why hearing aids are essential.Here’s the skinny on how hearing aids work and how to buy one.1.What is a hearing aid?A hearing aid works by amplifying sound waves.That means it’s a filter, which reduces the amount of sound in the sound field.The best hearing aids have a high filter.2.What’s the […]

What you need to know about hearing aid testing

As part of the new Hearing Aid Testing Initiative, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will begin requiring testing for hearing aids, which is intended to increase public understanding of hearing aid use.The new testing, which will take place in states where the FDA has already required testing, will also require testing […]

Why can’t a doctor afford to buy a hearing aid?

HEARING ASSISTANCE: The cost of hearing aids is becoming a hot topic, with experts warning that the cost of buying a hearing aids can be prohibitive.The hearing aids industry has grown to a billion dollars a year, and they’re now the most expensive item on the list, according to a new report.Many consumers are hesitant […]