How to Hear Better Cat Hearing Aid: The Best Cat Hearing Adapters

The best cat hearing aid can help your cat learn and learn better.It’s not just for cats.The best Cat Hearing Aids are for pets too.Here’s what you need to know.Cat hearing aids aren’t just for pets.Hearing aids are great for dogs, too.In fact, hearing aids for dogs have been around since at least the 1800s.In […]

What you need to know about hearing aid phones

The Hearing Aid Phone (HAB) is the most widely used hearing aid and is a simple piece of equipment with a built-in speaker.It has a battery that can last up to 30 hours.You can use it to listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks and listen to music.But the HAB does come with a few drawbacks.Some […]

How to fix a hearing aid earpiece

The problem with hearing aids is that you have to listen for the messages that are supposed to be telling you that something is wrong.In many cases, the messages just don’t make it through to your ears.There are a few simple things you can do to fix this: 1.Put a new hearing aid in your […]

When You Want to Replace Your Bose Sound System With a Rechargeable Hearing Aid: Hear How Rechargeables Can Help!

You’ve heard of hearing aids.They are an integral part of hearing loss treatments.Now, there are even cheaper alternatives to hearing aids that can help improve your hearing.A few years ago, a company called Rechargeablend was the first to develop a hearing aid called the Rechargeab.Rechargeabilities have since developed a new version called the RBA, which […]

When Apple finally launches the iMacs, we can expect the same great iMac-ness we’ve come to love over the years

When Apple first announced its latest model, the Retina iMac, many were skeptical about the hardware.A new, smaller machine, a $1,200 pricetag, and a lack of a dedicated gaming system seemed a bit too much for some.But now, with its introduction in September, Apple is finally introducing its new Mac with a lot of bells […]

Why is hearing aid going up?

Hearing aid has been increasing in price since 2013, but is that because of a rising cost or because of an overall decline in demand?The answer is both, as the new report released by the National Hearing Loss Association of Canada and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine notes.The authors say they are concerned that the […]

Hearing aids: ‘We’ve been able to hear the whole thing’

HEARING HEARINGS: How are hearing aids working for people with hearing loss?The hearing aids that were given to children in California, where the hearing aids are manufactured, are not intended for use by adults.That means they are not considered medically necessary by the FDA.But many of those who received them say they are doing everything […]

Which hearing aid brands are available in Australia?

In 2017, the Federal Government announced that all hearing aid stocks in Australia would be phased out by 2020, meaning the supply chain would be completely replaced by one that uses robots.However, hearing aid suppliers have been struggling to keep up with the new regulations, as the industry is under pressure to maintain its supply […]