Canada announces new rule on new hearing aids

Canada is poised to make it more difficult for people to get hearing aids.The country is moving to give people with the hearing loss a new one-year supply of the hearing aids that will go on sale in July.The move to require the supply of hearing aids is aimed at protecting the hearing-impaired population from […]

Which hearing aids should you buy for your hearing?

A new report from a leading specialist has suggested that some of the hearing aids being sold as “agx” or “clear” hearing aids might actually be more sensitive to the impact of trauma than most of the devices currently on the market.Read moreA team of researchers led by Dr Francesco Giannini at the University of […]

When a digital hearing aid costs $300

Google News article Google is now giving its digital hearing aids a price cut.According to the search giant’s news site, the hearing aid will cost $300.The device, known as the ‘Hearing Impaired Device,’ is an analog device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the earphones.The hearing aid is intended for those who have a hearing […]

How to restore hearing aid in the field

It may sound like a common DIY procedure, but the ability to restore a hearing aid’s functionality in a field environment is not an easy task.But a recent study by the Mayo Clinic has identified three ways to do so.One, using a device that provides a signal from a microphone to a person’s ears, can […]

Why are Amazon and eBay facing antitrust charges?

In the past week, Amazon and its parent company eBay have faced scrutiny from federal prosecutors and antitrust regulators after they were accused of colluding to rig bidding for millions of hearing aids for millions more consumers.The Federal Trade Commission is currently examining whether the two companies violated antitrust law by allowing bidding to drive […]